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$130K Oracle Performance Testing Lead Needed in Edison, NJ!!!

$130K Oracle Performance Testing Lead Needed in Edison, NJ!!!


The Oracle Performance Testing Lead will be responsible for analyzing the existing system landscape and suggesting performance improvements. They will work on the current issues with the system and stabilize the application. They will be charged with implementing and/or upgrading the Oracle Application solutions for our clients. The ideal candidate will be able to work on Oracle E-Business Suite Releases R11 & R12 and lead the upgrade of the current application from R11 to R12.


The Oracle Performance Testing Lead must have a total of 10+ years experience with 3-5 years experience as an Oracle Applications DBA, which encompasses installing, upgrading, and supporting Oracle Applications software and the associated Oracle Technology stack in a multi-tier environment. This included the database server, applications server, web server, concurrent processing server, reports server, forms server, admin server, and discoverer server environment. They must have experience with configuration, load balancing, and diagnostics. The Oracle Performance Testing Lead must have strong interpersonal, communication, and client-facing skills. They must have a Bachelor’s degree; a Master’s degree is preferred. They must be authorized to work for any US employer. Sorry, no H1B sponsorships are available.

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Five Friday Job Search Tips

It’s Friday here at Delta Dallas. Many times on Fridays our interview schedule is lighter due to the promise of weekend relaxation ahead. Job seekers plan their weekends, and if they happen to be out of work, often include Friday into the mix. Recreation is a great way to take advantage of “time off”…but what if you could make progress toward your job goal on a Friday? What if spending a little time networking or researching on a Friday could put you ahead of the pack on Monday? EVERYONE will be perusing the job boards on Sunday night and Monday morning. Why not get ahead of the pack by making Friday a search day?

Try accomplishing a few of the following goals on a Friday to bring your job search to the next level:

  1. Make a list of all the companies that you would like to work for and review your network. See if anyone you know…or if anyone THEY know has access to someone inside the company. Make a goal of contacting 3-5 people that you are connected with before you stop.
  2. Prepare your personal branding. Have your 30 second commercial ready – and print business cards or order cards to let people know who you are and what you specialize in.
  3. Network on LinkedIn to locate people who can create connections for you. Look at the jobs that are posted on LinkedIn and make efforts to connect with the organizations you want to be connected with.
  4. Use your time at events, church, PTA, etc. to talk with people. Find out where they work and who they know. Don’t be a stalker. They will think you are selling Amway or something. Merely let them know that you are interested in them and organically allow your job search to come up in conversation.
  5. Network on Facebook. Let your address book work for you by letting your friends know what you are looking for. Ask if anyone knows someone at one of your top companies. Work your network.

This Friday, engage in targeted search techniques to search for a new position. You can enjoy your weekend, but plan to use some of your time to move forward. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have planted seeds for change.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Specialist for Delta Dallas. Reach her at

DFW employers are positive about hiring for the rest of the year. Read about it in the Star Telegram:

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Six Ways to Calm Job Interview Jitters

Interviewing can get the best of even the strongest personalities. The stakes are high. You want a job…or a new one and it seems as if you are at the mercy of a hiring manager or direct report and their preferences. Although you have the skills, it can seem subjective at times.

Six Ways to Calm Job Interview Jitters
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After Vacation, Smooth Re-Entry Into Workplace

Mike Ryan of Madison Performance Group says that you should start thinking about work and setting priorities before you get back from vacation. 
Ryan specializes in employee engagement…what do you think?  Start focusing on work during your vacay or wait until your return?

Click here to read the full article in The Republic and let us know what you think!

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Sr Admin Assistant needed for Downtown Office

Downtown Dallas client seeking a Senior Administrative Assistant Must have solid EA experience, advanced knowledge MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook). Professional maturity and high energy & excellent communication skills  req. Send resumes to: Taylor at

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Immediate Need: Spanish Translator!!!

Looking for a Spanish Translator for a temporary assignment. Call Dana at 972-788-2300.

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Tech Jobs BOOM – USA Today Article

“Tech Jobs Boom Like It’s 1999” That title caught our attention! Click here to read the full article from USA Today.

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Immediate Need: Bilingual Receptionist!!!

Bilingual Receptionist needed for a growing telecom company in Richardson.  Entry level role, but lots of growth available to the right person.  Client is ready to interview NOW – their goal is to have someone in the role no later than April 25.  Excellent benefits and company stability.

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Mobile Devices and Corporate Policy: BUCKLE UP!

Think about mobile devices for a second. They are portable, increasingly affordable and gaining technological capabilities every day. Look around you. No really – look around you right now and check to see how many of your co-workers have smartphones visible on their desks. Most will. Even the people who you think can’t afford a smartphone or the service connected – consider connectivity a necessity. Perhaps it is time to start creating and developing a policy around mobile devices.  Just when you think you have your electronic security policies in order, mobile devices are creating the need for even more policy to be created.

Don’t get me wrong. I love mobile devices. The SECOND my iPhone hit my hand last year I was addicted. I find myself sitting in lobbies on my phone, surfing the internet while I wait for my daughter to finish her guitar lesson, and even using a “Bible app” on my phone at church. Is any place sacred? Not really.

In the workplace in particular, people are increasing their use of mobile devices. Access to networks, systems, and applications outside of the office can increase productivity and give workers a sense of flexibility. These advantages are not without cost, though. As companies look to create policies around mobile devices, they are facing many challenges.

Many office functions can be enhanced by the use of mobile devices, and the number of applications available to employees via mobile devices is increasing daily. The reality is, however, that employees are accessing company systems via personal mobile devices and downloading corporate data. The security risks involved are great and the need for specific policy is apparent.

Don’t panic. You already have a framework to begin your process. As you work through the creation of a mobile security policy, you can use your current policy for electronic assets as a guide. Remember, the employee is using their device, but they are connecting to your network and utilizing your data. They can either comply with the security standards you set or they can be denied access company data from mobile devices. Employers do have the right to set security around the use of their data, no matter what device is being used. Create clear policies as to how company data and systems can be utilized from mobile devices and identify the kinds of information considered confidential to your company. Much like the social networking policies companies have developed during the past three years, you will be creating a safety-net for the future.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Specialist with Delta Dallas. You can reach her at

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