Posted by: deltadallas | April 20, 2009

Come, Blog With Us

Don Crawford, President and CEO

Don Crawford, President and CEO

As CEO of Delta Dallas, I obviously have a passion for the employment industry. This passion is fueled by interaction with people. This business is never boring, but there are two things that live at the heart of what we do. They are:

  • The people we interact with.
  • Our requisite abilities to deal with change – quickly!

    Each day we merge speed with our understanding of people and our decision-making capabilities to get the job done. People are the core ingredient in this process.

    Understanding a client’s needs for a position and filling that position requires at least three people…and when you start to combine people you can’t merely add the people you need. You must multiply them. (You know, x to the power of…) In this industry, before you know it, your mind-power during a hire increases exponentially! Throughout the hiring process, a number of ideas, thoughts and changes occur, and this is due to the variety of minds involved in the process. My hopes are to deliver to you the exponential knowledge that we encounter in our work and bring it to you through this blog.

    Here you will find topics from the employment industry that will provide you with current information about the employment process in Dallas. Topics for job seekers and employers  to help make their process successful. We believe that with shared information, everyone can benefit.

    • Job seekers can be better prepared and find the job they are looking for.
    • Employers can become better at interviewing and hiring the talent they need.
    • Everyone can gain knowledge about our ever-changing marketplace

    We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.


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