Posted by: deltadallas | April 21, 2009

Get Your Job Search Moving!

Yvonne Abel, SPHR

Yvonne Abel, SPHR

At least once a day I hear a statement like this from one of our recruiters:

“This candidate is wonderful, but she has been applying to job boards for a month with no response.”

Go ahead. Tell me you are shocked. Sending your resume to a job board without follow-up is like dropping your job-search into a BIG black hole! Did you know that 85% of the people who are successful got their job through networking? In 2009, you can’t merely send your resume to a hiring autority and expect a response. They have hundreds of resumes to sift through, and realistically, …you don’t have much of a chance.

Here are some ideas to get your job search really moving:

  • Learn all you can about social networking.
  • Meet and interview with a recruiter…then ask them what job-seeking areas you could improve in. (resumes, dress, voice mail, interviewing, etc.)
  • Go to a networking group and let the group know that you are looking for a job.
  • Find out who your friends work for. If they work for a company that would be a fit for you, ask them to submit your resume to the appropriate department with a short introduction.
  • Get creative!!!

Delta Dallas has just finished our first “Getting the Job You Want” workshop with three of our top recruiters. Most of this information was covered in our workshop. If you would like to attend our next free job-seeking workshop, please email Tabitha Woods, and she will contact you when our next workshop is scheduled. 


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