Posted by: deltadallas | July 7, 2009

Employer = Client

by Tabitha Woods


Today’s job market is a tight one. Unemployment is increasing and gone are the days
when all of us were imagining 2009 as the moment when the Baby Boomers would
begin to leave the marketplace to make room for the rest of us.  This, however,
doesn’t have to spell disaster for every worker. You can stand out in this economy
if you being to think of yourself as a business rather than an employee. When a
business has a top client, they make them a priority, and in reality, your employer is
giving you a paycheck in exchange for your services. They are your client.
Here are a few things I can guarantee your employers are looking for in a valued employee:

Be Honest

This is self-explanatory. Be honest. All of the time.

Work Hard
Employers look for people who are willing to consistently increase their production levels or maintain high levels of production. Bring your best game to the table every day.

Be Creative
Be a part of the larger brain-trust in your company. Infuse every task that you have with visionary thinking, and keep your eye on the ultimate goals of your role, your department, your company. Think independently and form solutions without being asked.

Expand Your Skill Set
Look at your present job and the tasks that surround it. What skills would improve your knowledge, speed, etc.? Go beyond the mere requisite skill set for your position and discover new skills that will give you an edge.

Be Positive
Attitude is king. Who is your favorite person to work with? Are they a downer? Probably not. Your employer, I can assure you, feels the same way.

If you want to see what employers are truly considering when they evaluate your value you can read about it in our e-magazine.  Vice President, Kim Follis, breaks down the elements that create true value for an employer in her article Putting a Pricetag on People: Evaluating Value.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Coordinator for Delta Dallas. You can reach her at


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