Posted by: Dana Lee | July 9, 2009

Polish Your Online Brand….Now!

OK…If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times.  We’ve written articles, given workshops, previously blogged and had counseling sessions with candidates about it.  What is it?

It’s your online brand!

Are you on Facebook?  Twitter?  LinkedIn?  MySpace?

What does your online profile say about you?  Is your profile picture on the conservative side, or does it show you at a wild party, possibly in a compromising position?  Do you have photo albums of you tanning yourself on the beach in a too small bikini?

In today’s world, if you post something online, you can be assured that a hiring authority will find it.  Google yourself!  What do you see?  Is it something that you want the HR Director of your target company to see?  If not, change it.  Make your profile private.  Change the pictures.  Keep the pictures on the conservative side. 

Once you make the changes to your profile, have someone else check it.  Is it truly private?  Is it professional (or at least conservative)? Or would there still be questions?

We had a candidate lose a job opportunity this week due to a Facebook profile.  She had an amazing first interview with a company and was about to be called back for a second.  Then the hiring authority searched her name online.  Sure enough – there were plenty of pictures and posts that made him hesitate.  He decided to release her from the search. 

Don’t lose a job before you have a chance to interview! Remember – if it’s online, it’s public property!!

Check out the article that Kim Follis, VP of Operations, wrote last month for our e-zine.  In it, there are some great dos and don’ts listed for social networking.


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