Posted by: deltadallas | July 13, 2009

Get to Work!

Don Crawford, President and CEO

Don Crawford, President and CEO

Do you really want a job?

The realities of economic struggles have been punching people in the gut for about a year now. The protective bubble over the Dallas/North Texas area has been unable to sustain the overwhelming effects of the national economic decline. Tough times are here and the Dallas workforce has been forced into dealing with the issues that accompany the current situation.

Do you really want a job? If you have been outsourced, downsized, let go, re-organized or just fired and find yourself unemployed…then you must decide if you really want a job. If you happen to have a job at the moment – don’t think that you get off easy. You have to decide whether you want the job you have. Now.

Before the economic downturn, we had all gotten pretty spoiled in the area of work/life balance. If something was out of balance, it was the life side of the scale that usually got our attention. Like it or not, things have changed for most of us now, and it’s “who really wants a job” time. “Showing up” and even “working hard” are not going to cut it. If you really want a job or really want to keep the one you have – then it is time to pony up and deliver service with that desire. Companies are not in a position to coddle, inspire, or wait on your potential to show its pretty face. If you want a job, or want to keep the one you have, you are going to have to suit up and kick some butt every day.

Candidates: Show up earlly for those interviews. Wear your best suit. Do some research on the company. Be ready to tell your potential employer how you will make a positive impact on their business if they hire you. Yes, you can do this for any position in any company. Show some passion and ask for the job. Be able to articulate why you want the job and why you are a good choice.

Employees: Show up on time. Dress for success. Find ways to make more business happen. Promote something. Anything! Make a difference in how your co-worker, department or company is able to succeed. Get busy and do something. Do something over and over again until something works. Your company needs your all out effort and if you really want a job, you had better give it to them.

We have many candidates that want and need work, so if you don’t think your employee is giving their all, call me, and I will help you find someone that will. If you don’t want your job, call me – and I will help your employer find someone that does. Finally , if you don’t have a job, and you really want one – well…I am sure you are already one of our candidates, aren’t you?

Don Crawford is President and CEO of Delta Dallas. Reach him at or 972-788-2300.


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