Posted by: deltadallas | July 23, 2009

Good Luck With That

Don Crawford, President and CEO

Don Crawford, President and CEO

Posted a job on one of the job boards lately? Good luck with that! LOL – All you wanted was to interview a few people to replace your now lackluster administrative assistant.  Now, with your posting,  you have 8,000 resumes to go through from anyone who can spell “monster” or “career”. All of the applicants say that they will be the “best” admin. for the job, and few have the requisite skills that you need. Get real!

 Okay, this may seem like shameless advertising, but let’s think this through realistically. You have a job to do – and unless you are a recruiter, I am sure you are much better doing what you are paid to do rather than evaluating resumes, skills and personalities.  There are few times when you don’t need a recruiter (never…*cough*cough*) and high or low unemployment conditions are not those times.  You need to make the right hire now more than ever. And even though writing a check to a staffing firm is difficult  in this market, you need to “topgrade” your staff now, today, pronto.  Price Pritchett wrote a great book about topgrading. I highly suggest you read it and take action. If you want outside help, call me. I will help you.  My apology for the mini-ad blog but the clock is ticking and companies need to consider ramping up their teams (or re-vamping their teams) with a few high performers who will be able to lead new hires as economic recovery ensues.


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