Posted by: deltadallas | November 3, 2009

Game-Winning Tips for Interviews

amanda emailFall is in the air and the DFW area is seeing the light at the end of tunnel! What tunnel is that you ask? The recession tunnel! We’ve had more calls from clients about job openings these past 2 weeks than all year! This gives us something to really celebrate, as it should you the job seeker.

To help you get ready for the interviewing you will doing as we see the market continue to pick back up, I’ve compiled a list of interviewing Do’s and Don’ts.

*Do arrive 5-10 minutes early. This means actually in the lobby, not the parking lot. Do not however arrive any earlier than that, you will be in the way. Hiring managers have a very busy day and have set aside a certain time and amount to spend with you, so make sure you stay within that frame.

 *Do research the company. Check our their website, read articles on them, look up employees on Linkedin. Do your homework!
*Do dress to impress. Everyone should have black, conservative interviewing suit in your wardrobe, they never go out of style. I heard that Macy’s is having a sale….so go out and invest in your future.
*Do practice in the mirror smiling and answering questions, or even better, have a close friend, your spouse or if you are working with an agency, ask your recruiter to role play with you. This will help get you ready and calm your nerves.
*Don’t be a “Chatty Cathy”. Have a few questions ready, but don’t interrupt, or talk over the hiring manager. Wait to ask your questions until the appropriate time…when they ask you if you have any questions…(not rocket science).

Remember to keep these in mind when you are called upon for interview and you will have the tools you need to be on your A game…along with a goodnight’s sleep before hand 🙂

Amanda Stark is an Executive Recruiter with the Delta Dallas Accounting Team. Reach her at 972-788-2300 or


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