Posted by: deltadallas | December 4, 2009

Receptionists See ALL….

Every day in our lobby, I see people who are looking for work. I am not a recruiter, but as I assist them – I get to know them.  Most of the time, people enter the office, dressed for an interview, with a smile on their face and the energy to express that they are ready to be represented by our firm. Occasionally, though, there are a few candidates that miss the mark.

I am sure that sounds harsh to some of you who are reading this, but try to see your job search from a recruiter’s point of view. If you were considering presenting a job candidate to an important client, what kind of candidate would you  be looking for?

When you walk in the front door of your interview location, you must remember that you are meeting everyone in the company for the very first time. First impressions are vital to your job search success.

Even if you are introverted by nature, you should be able to speak clearly and at a volume that can be heard when you present yourself to the front desk or to the employer. State clearly why you have come in and smile.

Put your eyes down, slouch, act as if you are entitled to a job, act as if your dog just died, or mistreat anyone in the office you are interviewing in. If you are not happy and energetic at your interview…you probably will not be happy and energetic on the job. Do any of the above, and you will probably be out of luck.

Be patient. For heaven’s sake, be patient. Whether you are interviewing at a staffing company or interviewing at an employer’s office…things can be busy. The person who greets you, and the person who interviews you will make every effort to make your experience a pleasant one. If you find yourself frustrated by the process, please do not take it out on the people around you. Every employer and staffing agency will have individualized processes in order for you to be considered for work. If you have filled out 25 I-9’s in the last three days – think of it as part of the process and smile. Every I-9 you fill out brings you one form closer to the position you are looking for.

Complain about forms, complain about the temperature, talk on your cell phone because you are bored, check your watch every two minutes. If you have a genuine concern about time, talk to the receptionist or your contact and let them know. Whatever you do, be courteous and act like someone people would WANT to work with.

Find childcare for your children. I am a single mom. I know the challenges that childcare can present. I understand being in a tough position when it comes to childcare now and then. However – a future employer will not understand. If you actually bring your child to an interview – who is to say that you will have childcare when you have to be at work 8 hours a day?

Just don’t bring your children to an interview. Don’t bring a friend to take care of your child in the office. Don’t bring them at all. We all love children, but an interview is not the appropriate place to display your offspring.

For the most part, people are cooperative and nice. If I had one bit of advice for a candidate coming to our office…I would tell them to be energetic (not crazy), happy, articulate, well-dressed and polite. First impressions are lasting, and I can guarantee you that they can be the beginning of a job with staying power.

Stacy Norman is Director of First Impressions for Delta Dallas. Reach her at 972-788-2300 or

“Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions . . . by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions.”
Malcolm Gladwell



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  2. Amazing, I did not know about that up to the present. Thanx!

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