Posted by: deltadallas | December 31, 2009

New Beginnings: Make it a Year of Change

It’s New Year’s Eve. This is the night when we all have our “last hoorah” before our Monday resolutions begin. Well, I have a question for you. Why wait until Monday? I once heard a diet guru say that if you wait until Monday to start a diet, you are not really ready to change your lifestyle. I think that this is true.

So why are you waiting? Start doing the things that you want to do for yourself, your family, your career and your friends TODAY. Don’t wait to clean out your file drawer at work…just do it. Don’t hesitate before you dive into a new skill. Go on the internet this evening and find the information you need to create an executable strategy for the new year. If you are busy tonight, do it in the morning. Respect yourself and the people around you enough to move forward. You will run into obstacles, and you may have to fail a few times before you get to your goal (whatever it is) – but determine to pass or resolve whatever gets in your way, and you will reach your objective. 

Every year at Delta Dallas we make “goal boards”. We gather in our conference room to share lunch and our objectives for the year to come. I moved offices this year and lost my goal board in the shuffle. I plan to keep my goal board in front of me this year and take measurable steps toward my goals. Many of us have a tendency to get distracted and lose steam after a week or two. Don’t do it! Find a way to remind yourself each day that you, your family, and your co-workers are worth the changes you are about to implement and go for it.

A great place to start: One of our recruiters, Amanda Stark, has written a book review about 5 Minds for the Future. The book reviews which types of thinking styles will be most desireable in the future. Our ezine containing Amanda’s article will be released on Tuesday. Amanda’s article, and the review that accompanies it is a great place to start your adventures for 2010. I will post a link to her article on Tuesday, or you can go to to read her review after 9am on Jan. 5th.

Whatever you do…jump into the fray. Be a changemaker in your own  career,  in your own life, and in the lives of others. I look forward to the results.


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