Posted by: deltadallas | June 1, 2010

What did you just say?

Lately, I have been answering the phones during the lunch hour. It has been an eye-opening experience for me. People call into Delta Dallas for a variety of reasons, but a lot of our lunchtime phone traffic is comprised of jobseekers.

Many of the calls that we get are from bright, articulate, polite people – but unfortunately, some of the jobseekers who call in have not developed their verbal image. What do I mean by that? You have to develop a verbal image with a company or a person as you are working toward getting an interview…and your image with a company begins with your first phone call.

For instance, a jobseeker called this afternoon looking for work, and here is what he said:

Caller:  (Calling from a noisy location.)“Yeah, I was wondering if y’all had any work.”
Me: “Well, what kind of position are you looking for?”
Caller: “Anything.”
Me: “What do you have experience in?

It didn’t get better. We went on with the conversation, and I was able to direct him to the appropriate recruiter, but I can tell you that if he makes the same impression on our recruiter, he probably won’t get an interview.

Here are a few things to remember when you are calling into any company looking for work:

 ♦ Call from a quiet location. No TV, screaming children or traffic in the background.
 ♦ Know what areas the staffing service specializes in.
 ♦ Know what you want to say before you call. Who do you need to speak with? What kind of work are you looking for?
 ♦ Speak clearly.
 ♦ Use professional language
 ♦  Be confident.
 ♦ Portray a positive attitude.
 ♦ If you are calling on a cell phone, make sure that you have a strong signal.
 ♦ Rudeness is never acceptable. NEVER.
 ♦ Be prepared to leave a short, CLEAR, concise message about who you are, what you are interested in, and your contact information.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Coordinator for Delta Dallas. You can reach her at 972-788-2300 or


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