Posted by: deltadallas | July 26, 2010

Defining What you Want: Job Descriptions

In today’s job market, an accurate job description is a must. Believe it or not, I have talked with several small business owners that have not built job descriptions even for the most critical roles in their companies. They have told me that they don’t have the time, that as long as someone has the skills they need they will survive, that their employees know what they should be doing…and other meaningless drivel. WHAT? Job descriptions are not just for the employee, they are for the employer as well! They can help you to concisely define expectations and measure performance.

Job descriptions can form a foundation for decision-making during the hiring process and allow you to narrow your choices on an objective basis as you search for the right candidate to fill the role. You can use the job description during your search process to clearly define all of the things you would like a role to encompass. Not only that, but a detailed job description can set expectations for the job. Finally, a thorough job description can serve as a guide as you deliver performance reviews. While job descriptions need to be as detailed as possible, they also need to offer room for additional duties as necessary; the last thing you want is an employee coming to you and saying that the responsibility was not “part of the job.”

Job descriptions are just that. Descriptions of what an employee should be, do and complete during their time in a specific role for your organization. Don’t miss the opportunity to clarify what you truly want for a position and communicate your expectations clearly on the front end of your hiring process. The benefits of such clarity far outweigh the work it takes to get it on paper!

Dana Lee is a Senior Recruiter with Delta Dallas. Reach her at 972-788-2300 or If you are interested in Dallas employment, you can submit your resume at



  1. I have finished my college and trying to do a part time job..After reading this article i feel job description should be given important a lot ..thanks for the post

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