Posted by: deltadallas | August 6, 2010

Free Event for HR Professionals and Business Professionals!

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Beverly Kaye, CEO of  Career Systems International. We talked for a long time in 2009 about how people were dealing with joblessness during the recession and how employers would find A-players after the recovery began.

Well, now the recovery has begun. The economic ramp-up is slower than most of us had hoped for, but relieved that jobs are steadily increasing. Kenneth Hall, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a statement on July 2nd that was encouraging. Unemployment edged down to 9.5 percent and we are beginning to see some modest growth in the private sector.

In response, some employees have started to move to pastures that they hope will be greener than the ones they grazed in during the recession. After all, many employees have absorbed the duties of co-workers that were laid off during the economic dip, and they are frustrated with stagnating salaries.

What can an employer do to keep their key players? Invest in their future.

Dr. Beverly Kaye has developed a training program that will help to train, direct and engage your employees as they navigate the landscape of career paths to take from their present positions. CareerPower 3.0 is a tool that companies can use to guide their toward higher job satisfaction by looking to and training for the future. It helps employees identify their passion as well as establish and accomplish goals that will press their career forward.

Employees have four priorities, according to Career Systems International:

  • Exciting work and challenge
  • Career growth, learning, and development
  • To work with great people and form great relationships
  • Supportive management and a great boss

On August 26th, you will the opportunity to see how CareerPower 3.0 can help strengthen your workforce. Dr. Beverly Kaye will be available to introduce you to this concept, and answer any questions that you may have about it. A continental breakfast will be provided, and you can network other HR professionals and business owners as you learn the keys to equipping your employees for success.

Click here to register for this FREE event!


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