Posted by: deltadallas | September 2, 2010

Contributing to Vision: Team Players

Dana Lee, CPC, CTS

People always say that they want to work in a “team environment,” or that they are “team players.”

What does that mean?  

Are they: 

  • Wanting to work in a large office where there is plenty of people interaction, and always someone to talk to?
  • Wanting to be part of a group that is looking out for each other, rather than only paying attention to their own accomplishments?
  • Wanting to work with others to reach a goal or meet a deadline?
  • Willing to do the little things like clean the kitchen or pitch in when there’s a company potluck?
  • Willing to ask their co-workers during their own downtime if their co-workers need help?
  • Willing to drop what they’re doing to help a stressed co-worker meet a deadline?

I think of professional athletes almost every time I hear the phrase, “team player” or “team environment.”  I’m reminded of the 2002 World Basketball Championships, when one of the fabled US “Dream Teams” was defeated by both Argentina and Spain, and ended up well out of medal contention.  These players could have cared less about the common goal of winning the gold medal; they were concerned with their own press and accomplishments.  Meanwhile, these less experienced teams were able to come together as teams, and win games that they were never expected to win. 

If you are working in a team environment, then every contribution you make is integral to your team’s success. Your choice to be a working cog in your team’s wheel can create a better working environment and allow your team to reach goals that would be elusive if approached on an individual basis. Catch the vision of your job, your department and company by grasping larger company objectives, departmental objectives and team objectives and contribute to the success of that wider vision. Contrary to popular belief, your efforts will not go unnoticed. 

Dana Lee, CPC, CTS is an Executive Recruiter with Delta Dallas. Reach her at 972-788-2300 or


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