Posted by: deltadallas | January 12, 2011

Employment: Your First 90 Days

When you begin a new position with a company, you are, in essence, auditioning for the employees around you. Your co-workers and supervisors are watching you. Everyone knows that you are going through onboarding and training, so you won’t be expected to perform at a peak level for a while. You will, however, be expected to do a good job at the things that you are assigned and it would be best for you to go above and beyond initial expectations whenever you can.

Always be on time or early, and if you can stay longer than your contract says you have to your first few weeks. If you can, try not to miss work during your first three months of employment -six months if possible. You need to establish yourself as a person who can be depended upon.

Be polished
Even if you work in a casual environment, you should always look professional and polished. Just because you can wear flip-flops to work, doesn’t mean that you should. This is especially important in the first few months of employment when impressions are formed. Dress the way you would like to be perceived.

Get to know people
Be friendly. Initiate conversations with your new team and get to know each of them as people. Listen more than you talk. The more you learn about each person, the quicker you will remember their names.

Personal business is for personal time
Try to keep personal calls isolated to your lunch hour. If you are a parent, there may be times that you have to take calls, but keep the talking and texting to a minimum while you are supposed to be working.

Get involved
What is your company involved in? Are they participating in charity events? Do they have monthly happy hours? (Don’t make the happy hours TOO happy.) It’s important to get involved with activities at your organization. It will demonstrate your buy-in to the company as well as your willingness to get to know everyone.

Set goals and track success
From day one you should set yourself up for success by setting specific goals, and tracking when you meet them. You may have a large project to finish, but set smaller goals along the path to completion, and you can actually plan your workflow as you are setting your goals.

Keep in touch with your manager/boss about the progress that you are making and ask for feedback. This will assure you and your boss that you are on the right track, and give you both the opportunity to make adjustments.

As you begin a new position, you should always be aware of how you are being perceived. You can be yourself, just be your best self as you start your new job, and you will put yourself in a better position in the months and years to come.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Coordinator for Delta Dallas. If you are interested in Dallas employment or jobs in Dallas, you can call Delta Dallas at 972-788-2300 or submit your resume at


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