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Do you want a job? Do you REALLY want a job? Then think like a salesperson. Salespeople do a few things that can give you an edge when you are job searching. You will have to approach your search with drive and creativity…and you may work harder than you ever have before…but the sales approach could really press your search forward.

The second you know you are looking for a position, you should start hunting. Salespeople are constantly identifying target accounts. It’s their job. Think of job hunting as a full time position. Research and make a list of companies that you want to work with, and when you have done that…evaluate the list. Do you know anyone at the company? Can anyone refer you in? Do you have to submit everything through HR or is the actual department screening resumes?

Don’t just throw your resume into the job board black hole! Get out there and network! Call every contact that you have and be ready to give them a brief 30-second commercial about what you are looking for. Please, keep it brief! Make business cards with your contact number and speciality listed on the cards. You can order free cards from Vista Print if you are really hurting for money. Just be ready to track down every lead and network your way to a human being in the company. A decision-maker is preferable. You know, the hiring manager that is currently hiring? If you can’t get in touch with them, get in touch with someone around them.  That’s what a salesperson would do.

Keep Going
Don’t give up. Unless you are in a hard-to-fill niche, you may experience a lot of closed doors before one opens for you. People might hang up on you. You might be overqualified. You could just be a bad fit for a certain office culture. Don’t take it personally. It’s not personal. Move to the next thing as fast as you can! If you make every interview personal, you are going to seem desperate…and desperate is….sad. Don’t leave the hiring manager with a sad feeling. They may feel sorry for you, but they won’t hire you! Move, move, move from one interview to another until you get to the employer you have been looking for. Great salespeople thank their “no” prospects and move on to the next prospect. If they stopped to be sad about every “no” in the sales game, they would be fired. Don’t be forced to fire yourself!

Be a Painkiller
Good salespeople know how to get the attention of the clients they are talking to. They ask questions, they listen to the answers (the client’s pain) and they reveal their service or product as a PAINKILLER. The manager that is interviewing you needs someone in the role they are interviewing for. They would like someone in that role yesterday, if possible. What they are looking for is for someone to produce results and ease their pain. Their pain could be production goals, organization, communication within the department…anything. Your job is to find their pain and highlight the skills and traits that you possess to ease that pain. The most successful people in the sales world are experts at getting to a client’s pain and then offering to get rid of it.

The truth of it is that job-hunting is difficult. So is sales. Selling yourself to an employer and getting the terms you desire is not an easy job. You can create your results, though. You can be the one to create a path for success. It’s just going to take a great deal of creativity, networking, determination and hard work. Salespeople everywhere will tell you that it is worth it. When you finally land the deal (job) that you have been looking for, it will be worth the effort.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Coordinator for Delta Dallas. Reach her at


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