Posted by: deltadallas | February 14, 2011

Contact Is Cool: Stalking is Rude

There is a recruiter in my office named Dana. Ask her what I was like as a candidate, and she will tell you the truth. I was a shameless stalker. It’s true. Anyone who calls you like a jilted boyfriend should be considered a pain in the backside – or certifiable. Including me.  (Sorry, Dana!)

Why am I making this confession, you ask? I want you to avoid the mistakes that I made when I was a candidate and stalking was my biggest offense.

Recruiters Really Do Want to Place You

Recruiters love their candidates. If they have agreed to work with you, there is something about you that has convinced them that you are worth working with. If you make it past the first interview and your recruiter tells you that they “look forward to working with you”…it means just that. HOWEVER, this doesn’t open up the door for repeated calls and emails during the day. Even though jobs in Dallas are on the rise, many candidates are still calling recruiters repeatedly, looking for work. Resist the urge to do this. Why? 

  • Your recruiter knows how long you have been out of work – they have your resume
  • Your recruiter knows that you would like to have a job – you are working with a staffing agency
  • You don’t want to be perceived as a desperate, or even worse…annoying
  • Your recruiter wants to place you in a job just as much as you want a job

 If your phone is quiet, your recruiter just might not have something that fits your skill set or your preferences. I sit next to recruiters all day. I hear everything that they do, and I can tell you that they are working hard on your behalf. If you are working with a recruiter, you need to trust them.

Respect for Their Time and Yours

It’s perfectly acceptable to connect with your recruiter every 10-14 days to let them know that you are still available and give them an update. This lets them know where you are in your job search process and gives them another opportunity to see how you communicate in a professional relationship.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your job search. Although a healthy working relationship with a recruiter can be a positive addition to your search…it shouldn’t be your only strategy. The more you do in between the times you talk with your recruiter to help yourself…the more you will be perceived as a serious candidate.

So – how did I get this job? Dana had a frank talk with me. She let me know in the nicest possible way that it would be wise for me to taper off the “obsessive stalker-calling” and give her a chance to work her magic. I knew she was right, so I backed off and let her work while I continued to search. Dana assured me that she would call when there was an opportunity for me. Obviously, she kept her word. I am gainfully employed three desks away from her! It’s nice to know that she doesn’t hold a grudge!

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Coordinator for Delta Dallas. Reach her at



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