Posted by: deltadallas | March 11, 2011

Promoted to Management: Now What?

Have you ever worked with someone who was promoted into management, but had no idea how to deal with people? Most of us have. I was talking to a friend recently who works for a large international company here in Dallas. She really loves her job, but she really doesn’t love her manager. As my friend discussed her work, we reviewed some recent conversations with her manager. I could tell that he didn’t have the relational skills to communicate his needs to her nor the patience to listen to his constituents. So how did this guy become a manager? Promotion. He has worked in the same department for quite a while, and he is familiar with all of the processes. He has excelled at every position he has been given. Unfortunately, it sounds as if managing people is proving to be a bigger challenge than he expected. Not only that, this man was thrown into a managerial role without support or leadership training.

This dynamic happens all too often. An individual excels at performance goals, and eventually is promoted into management. No training, no support, and no tools. A gifted employee won’t necessarily be an effective leader. Managers and supervisors have close contact with employees on a daily basis and can deeply effect employee engagement.  It is essential to set these inexperienced managers up for success.

Companies who take the time to prepare new managers for their roles will experience a higher level of employee engagement, increased production, and even employee retention. People are less likely to look for greener pastures if their daily environment is one of respect, appreciation, and conducive to success. Investing in the training of your management team can increase employee engagement and, in turn, have a positive effect on production levels.

Jobs in Dallas are on the rise, and as departments hire on new workers, experienced workers will be moved into supervisory roles. Companies need to prepare their managers for leadership. Allow your new managers to become leaders by equipping them to lead their teams effectively, and your return will be well worth the effort.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Specialist for Delta Dallas. If you are interested in Dallas employment, you can submit your resume to Delta Dallas at


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