Posted by: deltadallas | July 29, 2011

Five Friday Job Search Tips

It’s Friday here at Delta Dallas. Many times on Fridays our interview schedule is lighter due to the promise of weekend relaxation ahead. Job seekers plan their weekends, and if they happen to be out of work, often include Friday into the mix. Recreation is a great way to take advantage of “time off”…but what if you could make progress toward your job goal on a Friday? What if spending a little time networking or researching on a Friday could put you ahead of the pack on Monday? EVERYONE will be perusing the job boards on Sunday night and Monday morning. Why not get ahead of the pack by making Friday a search day?

Try accomplishing a few of the following goals on a Friday to bring your job search to the next level:

  1. Make a list of all the companies that you would like to work for and review your network. See if anyone you know…or if anyone THEY know has access to someone inside the company. Make a goal of contacting 3-5 people that you are connected with before you stop.
  2. Prepare your personal branding. Have your 30 second commercial ready – and print business cards or order cards to let people know who you are and what you specialize in.
  3. Network on LinkedIn to locate people who can create connections for you. Look at the jobs that are posted on LinkedIn and make efforts to connect with the organizations you want to be connected with.
  4. Use your time at events, church, PTA, etc. to talk with people. Find out where they work and who they know. Don’t be a stalker. They will think you are selling Amway or something. Merely let them know that you are interested in them and organically allow your job search to come up in conversation.
  5. Network on Facebook. Let your address book work for you by letting your friends know what you are looking for. Ask if anyone knows someone at one of your top companies. Work your network.

This Friday, engage in targeted search techniques to search for a new position. You can enjoy your weekend, but plan to use some of your time to move forward. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have planted seeds for change.

Tabitha Woods is Marketing Specialist for Delta Dallas. Reach her at


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